Midsummer Early Dance & Music Festival
11 - 18 July 2021

Oops, we did it again! The Midsummer Early Dance & Music Virtual Festival is coming back for the second year thanks to the support of Nonsuch History & Dance (UK), Dance & History e.V. (Germany) and The New York Baroque Dance Company (USA). Our ambition is to make it more diverse, more interesting and engaging, and to use the advantage of online platforms to meet and connect with like-minded people from all over the world. We as an international team know well that dance is a universal language. On top of this, our special theme for this year is exploration of how the dance from the past is re-enacted in different environments.

Some things have changed from the last year. Firstly, it will be a whole week affair! Then, to make the Festival more interesting we have added different events and activities including two video projects featuring theatrical and social characters of historical dance, as well as a round table discussion about how we bring the historical dance to life. We are delighted to have performers from the UK, Germany, USA, France, Belgium, Czechia, and Spain to share their creative practice and projects on historical dance from different periods.

We also kept the workshop or practical session component so you can keep dancing and learning from the experts from different countries, making the dance world virtually accessible once again, despite the lockdowns and travel restrictions. We will experiment with Medieval and Renaissance dance with Darren Royston, try some Spanish rhythms with Diana Campóo, combine elegance and harlequinade in minuets for stage with Hubert Hazebroucq, link baroque dance with poetry and British legends of Purcell’s King Arthur with Catherine Turocy, reel through Scottish dance style from the Regency period with Sam Gosk, and mix Regency Quadrilles with Caribbean dance traditions with Caroline Muraldo.

Finally, we will explore the ball around the world, enjoy beautiful ballrooms and learn social dance traditions of the UK, France, Russia, Germany, and Italy. You will surprisingly discover that virtually you can be at several places simultaneously.

We hope you enjoy this historical dance extravaganza, get inspired and keep dancing.

Welcome to the Midsummer Early Dance & Music Virtual Festival 2021!