Practical session led by Caroline Muraldo

This workshop will be an opportunity to experience the characteristic movements of Quadrilles still practiced in the Caribbean Islands. Prior to the practical part, Caroline will provide some insight into how Quadrilles developed from their French and English antecedents into the wide variety of forms that evolved throughout the islands. There will be a brief overview of both the social context in which the dance genre took a new direction and how the vocabulary progressed into becoming a significant part of Caribbean culture.


Caroline Muraldo is a dancer, choreographer, actress, seamstress, jewellery and costume maker based in London. She practices and teaches traditional Caribbean Quadrilles and is passionate about sharing knowledge about this dance form. She founded the unique annual celebration of traditional Caribbean culture ‘Quadfest’. Recently, the event got its children-friendly version Jnr. Quadfest specially adapted for primary schools. The celebration centers upon ‘Caribbean Quadrilles’ but also performs as a platform for other dance styles as part of wider traditional Caribbean folk forms. Before that Caroline organised a highly successful day of Caribbean dance with elements of storytelling, folk singing, and discussion panels, entitled ‘Dance Caribbean Dance’ held during Blazing Festival at the South Bank, London in August 2000, attended by 4000 people. In 2002 she organised the ‘Dancing at the Crossroads’ conference held at the South Bank Centre, helping to create monthly academic discussions concerning critical issues at the heart of dance forms of African heritage. In 2003 she published an article in Dance Theatre Journal “Terminolgical Inexactitude”.

Caroline was the initiator of ‘Quadrille-mania’, an annual event at Cecil Sharpe House, Camden home of the English Folk Dance and Song Society. It included a weekend of workshops in English/French, Caribbean Quadrilles and Irish Step dances. She, her dance company, and students also have taken part in the “Dance around the World” Festival run by the Cecil Sharp House since its inception. In 2017 she choreographed dances to pieces composed by Ignatius Sancho, in new arrangements by Juwon Ogungbe, performed by Haringey Young Musicians as part of the IGNATIUS INSPIRES programme at Bernie Grant Arts Centre.

In more recent years she has achieved much success with her choreographic and costumes work based on the Trinidad folklore for Carnival Notting hill.