Practical session led by Sam Gosk

Steps for Setting in Scotch Reels taken from Francis Peacock’s 1805 treatise. This session will begin with a technical warm up, then take a short look at the basic travelling step. We will then focus on two setting sequences using steps from Peacock’s repertoire.

Sam Gosk researches, reconstructs, and performs social dance from the eighteenth to twentieth centuries from cotillions to couple dances such as Tango, Maxixe, and Swing dance repertoire. He holds an IDTA qualification in Ballroom and Latin American dance, with twenty years of experience in studio, performance, and competitive environments. Additionally, he is an invited lecturer in historical dance and movement in the University of East Anglia Drama Department. For this course, he created special teaching materials focusing on cotillions and quadrilles and currently preparing books for learners. he offers regular classes nline and offline at Mr. Gosk’s Dance Academy.  While not exploring Regency-era dance styles you can find Sam teaching Swing dances including Lindy hop, Collegiate Shag, Balboa, and others. He also choreographs, hosts, and performs with the Brighton-based Ragroof Players, providing vintage-themed interactive shows and tea dances – from “Top Hat and Tails” to “South American Way.”